Lee Barcelona was born after 3 years offering food from Southeast Asia. We started our adventure with DIM SUM House and after the success of the mix of gastronomy from different Southeast Asian countries, we renew our menu and dedicate ourselves to Take Away under the name of Panda To Home. Due to the high demand, the structure of the premises was small to serve all our customers.
This year we renovated the premises and expanded the kitchen to continue offering food at home through our employees and serve all customers who want to enjoy a culinary journey of Southeast Asia.

With the reform of the premises we have incorporated 2 private rooms for small groups (4 to 12 pax). Ideal for celebrations and meetings of family and friends.

Our philosophy

Our concept is based on a variable and attractive menu for the palate. Offering a
Gastronomic experience through different dishes of Southeast Asia.
From Dim Sum steamed delicacies to the famous BBQ skewers found
in all food street stalls throughout Asia.


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